KOL Mapping

Seamless Integration in to existing Salesforce.

Identifying Rising Stars and Emerging KOLs

With timeline-based filtering and chronological trends, you can find HCPs who are moving up the ladder and are growing fast in influence among their peers.

Dynamic Ranking Methodology inside your Salesforce

ssign weightages and create criteria for ranking to generate names that fit your objectives. Segment your KOLs based on their interests and expertise.

Peer nominations survey results

Use our panel of thousands of Physicians all over the world to get peer nominations through surveys. You can also use your field force to get feedback from your customers.

Influence Network Mapping

Reports including geo network maps showing local and national influencers and their connections, which can be drilled down by state, city or zip code.

Regular Data Updates

Reports & Alerts based on Regular data updates keep the profile of your HCPs always current with the details of latest developments and changes in their professional activities.

Competitive Analysis

Find out what your KOL is doing with Competitor based on publications / clinical trails / events / grants

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Our Company

Open Medical Consulting is a Healthcare & Life Science Strategy Consulting firm. Open Medical partners with life science companies and health systems to develop a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, engagement, growth, and sustainability.

Our consultants evaluate data, apply analytical models, study systems, and dissect workflows to unlock opportunities to improve performance through technology enablement and engagement planning. We collaborate with healthcare providers to implement improved processes and create efficiencies that can withstand changes within the industry.