KOL Data Solutions

Today’s marketplace requires the right Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and other influencers. Recent transparency and privacy initiatives have reduced collaborative opportunities with thought leaders. Identifying the right KOLs, new thought leaders, effective researchers and speakers can help with brand differentiation.

Reasons why i-mane should provide your data:

  • i-mane provides data to 9 of the top 10 BioPharmaceutical companies
  • We have worked with more than 100 BioPharma and Medical Device companies of all sizes
  • Our data is the most complete and accurate, and your project is managed by one of our PhD-level team members located in our headquarters office
  • i-mane data spans ALL therapeutic areas
  • Our experience includes preclinical, phases I-IV, emerging markets and managed markets


i-mane Engage, the complete solution for Medical Affairs organizations to compliantly and effectively engage with Key Opinion Leaders and Stakeholders.
Manage the entire KOL lifecycle with a suite of tools built around the everyday activities to drive success for your KOL programs. i-mane Engage was designed and engineered specifically for Medical Affairs, including field-based Medical Science Liaisons, to identify and develop the business critical and highly scrutinized relationships between life sciences companies and KOLs in a compliant manner. And because OpenQ Engage is built natively on the platform, it can seamlessly integrate with your other or even external solutions, including CRM, Medical Information, and many others.


Empower is the next generation compliant content distribution solution that enables collaboration and distribution of approved content while integrating with your Key Opinion Leaders, Speakers, Medical Science Liaisons, and Employee portals.
Content sharing in regulated industries can result in ineffective, sterile and impersonal presentations and discussions. Creation and distribution of personalized messaging can be costly, and version control challenging. Tracking of utilization to measure message effectiveness creates another layer of difficulty.

i-mane Empower helps organizations overcome these challenges by providing the only solution that automatically seeks out content and updates, or expires, previous versions regardless of distribution channel. In addition, instant messages alert content users of new versions and options.

Share content via mobile and social channels, and control content compliantly, and economically, with employees, thought leaders, investors and other stakeholders, both inside, and outside, of the organization. Increase effectiveness and reduce timelines with Empower. Specifically designed for regulated industries, Empower helps you overcome limitations in traditional content management systems.


MobileQ is a native application for your iPad that brings i-mane solutions into the field.
With a user experience developed specifically for field operations, users get access to a broad suite of tools to support their interactions with influencers and stakeholders. MobileQ additionally provides external speakers with access to the latest presentation content, regardless of whether you are online or offline.  Today’s mobile users need compliant solutions to manage day-to-day interactions, control content and interact safely in a social environment.  In other words, they need compliance solutions that protect them anywhere, anytime and on any device.

MobileQ is part of i-mane’s suite of solutions that drive mobile-social compliance. Within the MobileQ> environment, modular tools can be leveraged to:

  • Create compliant presentations
  • Distribute and track compliant content
  • Run speaker programs and capture onsite registration signatures
  • Route Medical Information Request Forms electronically
  • Gather and leverage valuable insights necessary for an effective and efficient field-based team


Manage Investigator Initiated Studies while ensuring regulatory compliance and maximizing efficiency.
Navigate is designed from the ground up to support regulatory compliance in an era of increasing federal scrutiny. Transparent customer business processes, through clearly documented and extensive audit trails, provide customers with complete access to decision criteria – including who reviewed the application, when they reviewed it, and why they made their decision. While Navigate comes pre-configured with best practices gleaned from i-mane’s industry experience, this doesn’t mean that customers are forced into a constrictive environment. The system also provides a configurable workflow engine to give customers the flexibility to configure the software to match their standard operating procedures.

  • Manage the complete process from study proposal to closeout.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with built-in functionality to deliver financial transparency.
  • Streamline your submissions with a configurable, workflow-based engine that can adapt to your standard operating procedures.